• To provide expert insurance solutions to our clients
  • To educate and guide our clients into making good short term insurance decisions
  • To ensure the fair and proper treatment of every client
  • To provide the highest level of service and become the brokerage of choice.


Our goal is to continue to be a focused competitor on the South Coast. We aspire to be the Broker of choice based on our ability to provide consistent outstanding service and expertise thus resulting in a loyal following of clients who trust in our ability to assist them in taking care of their most valuable assets.


Our main Objective is to continue to gain local market share and in particular offer sound and informative solutions to our diverse nation. We will continue to strive for service excellence and uphold the Industry standards as laid out by the Financial Services Conduct Authority.


Our philosophy has and will always be to place the needs of our clients ahead of any possible financial gain of our own. In so doing we believe that we will, with due skill, care and diligence, add value to the Short Term Insurance Industry.


The Short-Term Insurance Industry continues to evolve in line with worldwide trends. The unpredictable nature of climate change poses a great threat to the profitability of the Industry on a worldwide scale necessitating professional and adequate Advice and Risk Management Skill. That is where we make a difference, passing down the knowledge we have to ensure you are adequately covered for catastrophic losses.

The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, Consumer Protection Act and associated on-going legislative changes which ensure the fair and proper treatment of all consumers are turning the industry on its head. We support the Financial Service Conduct Authority in its effort to uphold Industry standards by ensuring that our business complies with the relevant legislative requirements.


We are an FSB Category 1 Accredited Financial Service Provider, licensed in terms of the Financial Advisory & Intermediary Services Act 2002. We are mandated by various Insurers to market their short-term insurance products.

Our competitive edge is undoubtedly our ability to provide our clients with professional and expert advice. Our professional image is carried through to our offices where we have created an environment that welcomes our clients to come in and do business with us. We know and understand the market we work in and ensure that we keep abreast of the changes in our industry in order to offer our clients the best and most affordable products available to them.

The Close Corporation has no direct financial interest in any of the Insurers with whom it interacts. Over the past decade, our honest and ethical approach to doing business has earned us an excellent reputation with our business partners. The Close Corporation has limited liability and is in possession of professional indemnity cover. We are a currently a non-collection agent and hence all premiums are collected from our client’s bank accounts either directly by the Insurer or by our nominated collection agent, being EPIC.


Providing the insurance solution that meets the needs of the particular individual/business is our area of expertise.

It is most unfortunate that the perception of the general public in relation to short term insurance is negative. Experience has shown that inaccurate Risk Profiling at the point of sale is one of the main causes of client dissatisfaction.

Our aim is to conduct thorough and accurate Risk Profiling. Accurate risk profiling and interactive and informative discussion goes a long way to eradicating the negative stigma attached to short term insurance products. We are committed to changing this negative perception and we believe that our approach sets us apart from our competitors.


Advice rendering staff are required to meet the FAIS Fit and Proper requirements and we ensure that they do.

We value the people that we employ, knowing that TEAM WORK is a requirement for success. We conduct our business with honesty and transparency and by so-doing earn the respect of our TEAM.