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Domestic Insurance Quotation: (please note that the selectable options below are Supplier/Product Specific however we recommend you indicate your preferences so that we may attempt to provide you with a product that best suits your unique requirements)

Houseowners Cover: Buildings, Outbuildings & their fixtures & fittings, Paths & Driveways, Walls, Fences & Gates (usually including gate motor) and Carports. INSURERS TERMS.CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS APPLY.

Household Goods Cover: Contents of the residence, including its outbuildings. Personal belongings (clothing and personal effects), Equipment & Appliances, Furnishings, Outdoor Garden Equipment and Furniture, Limited Business Goods and Equipment. INSURERS TERMS.CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS APPLY.

Personal and Extended Personal Liability Cover: Cover provided for the Insured if found to be legally liable (negligence must be proven) for accidental death, bodily injury, illness, or loss or damage to property. INSURERS TERMS.CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS APPLY.

General All Risk Cover: Worldwide Cover for items usually worn on or carried by the insured. INSURERS TERMS.CONDITIONS & A NUMBER OF EXCLUSIONS APPLY.

Specified All Risk Cover: Cellular phones, mobile devices, sporting equipment, tools, stamp & coin collections, money and documents, furs and leather jackets, wheelchairs, guns. INSURERS TERMS.CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS APPLY.

Motor Cover: Private Motor Cars, Goods Vehicles (GVM not exceeding 3500kg’s), 4x4 & 4x2 vehicles (GVM not exceeding 3500kg’s), Motorcycles, Quad Bikes, Scooters, Caravans, Trailers, Golf Cars, Recreational Tractors and various fitted accessories to all items under this category. INSURERS TERMS.CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS APPLY.

Watercraft Cover: Boats, Jet Ski’s, Rubber Dinghies, Yachts, Rowing Watercrafts used for pleasure and private purposes including all fitted accessories. INSURERS TERMS.CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS APPLY.

Personal Computer & Laptop Cover: Worldwide All Risk Cover for Computers, Laptops and Appurtenances. INSURERS TERMS.CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS APPLY.

Legal Costs: Legal costs arising out of a civil court case against the Insured where it is necessary to defend criminal charges. INSURERS TERMS.CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS APPLY.


Hospital Cash Plan: Daily Compensation whilst hospitalised. INSURERS TERMS.CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS APPLY.

Premium Waiver for Retrenchment/Redundancy: Premiums paid up for a maximum of 6 months. INSURERS TERMS.CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS APPLY.

Identity Theft: Compensation for debt incurred as a result of another person or entity assuming your identity. INSURERS TERMS.CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS APPLY.

Home Employers Labour Dispute Cover: Compensation provided for amounts that the Insured may be held legally liable for in the dismissal of or unfair practice towards domestic staff.

SASRIA (Riot) Cover: Accidental or Intentional damage to property arising out of Riot, Strike, Lock-Out, Public Disorder, Civil Commotion, Political Activities or Government Protests. INSURERS TERMS.CONDITIONS & EXCLUSIONS APPLY.


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